The Book of Deer is described as “one of the principal antiquities of Celtic Scotland”.

Written between 850AD and 1000AD, it is remarkable that it has survived all this time.

We aim to tell you about this “Splendid Little Book” and hope that it will encourage your interest in history and heritage and perhaps encourage you to delve a little deeper or become active in searching for the Monastery where it was used so long ago.

All images of the Book of Deer are displayed with the kind permission of Cambridge University Library

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Where is the book now?

The Book of Deer is currently housed at Cambridge University Library.  The book is known to have been in the library of John Moore, Bishop of Ely and Norwich and, after his death in 1714, the library was purchased by King George I and gifted to Cambridge University Library.  It was then re-discovered in 1860 by Henry Bradshaw, the librarian at that time.  

The timeline here will set the scene and put it in context for you.

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