Annual General Meetings

20th August 2020.  The A.G.M. of  The Book of Deer Project took place on-line.  Because of the Covid 19 pandemic the A.G.M. was held for the first time virtually and it was a great success having supporters logging on from as far afield as New York.  After the business was conducted, Dr. Mark Hall from Perth Museum and Art Gallery gave a very interesting talk on “Things to Make and Do: Games, Knots, Graffiti and Magic at Deer Abbey and in a Pan Euro-Mediterranean context” followed by a spirited Q&A session.

22nd June 2019.  The AGM of the Book of Deer Project took place at Kemp Hall.  Following the AGM, Dr Lisa Collinson gave a wonderful talk on Church and Law in the 13th Century, some European Aspects.  Comparisons were made of the laws then and now and interestingly some have not changed much.  A fascinating afternoon.

The 2018 AGM was held in Kemp Hall, Old Deer at 2.00p.m. on Saturday June 9th.  Trusteees were appointed and after the business side was completed Steve Callaghan from Portmahomack Tarbat Discovery Centre gave a very interesting talk on ‘Portmahomack – what next’, describing the origins of the centre when the pictish discoveries were made, bringing it up to date and discussing the future direction of the project and the hopeful collaboration between Portmahomack, us at the Book of Deer Project and other like centres in Scotland.

A.G.M was held in the Kemp Hall, Old Deer at 2.00p.m on Saturday June 17th 2017.  This was the first A.G.M. for the Book of Deer Project as a S.C.I.O. and trustees were duly appointed.  After the business Helen Chevez of the Aberdeenshire Council Museum Service gave a very interesting talk on Seeking the Past – archive research within the museum. 

Our AGM on 18th June 2016 was postponed until Saturday 20th August 2016 because of our plans to change our governance. This gave us time to hold an EGM (see below) to discuss the matter. The AGM was finally held in the Kemp Hall, Old Deer at 2.00p.m. on 20th August 2016. Our Chairman Alan Cameron stood down and Mrs Anne Simpson was elected Chair in his place. The proposal to change to a S.C.I.O. was passed as was the proposal to amalgamate the Book of Deer Friends into the Book of Deer Project. Following the business we had a very interesting and varied talk by Geordie Burnett Stuart on Scotland’s Planned Village Movement, their wide origins based on fishing, agriculture and following the industrial revolution and he gave numerous examples of villages around Scotland which had been created under this movement. There was a lively discussion afterwards and the vote of thanks was given by Anne Simpson.

An EGM was held on Thursday 14th July 2016 in Longside Parish Church Hall, Inn Brae, Longside at 7.30p.m.  The proposed change of governance from our current status of “A Company Limited by Guarantee” to a S.C.I.O. (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) was discussed.  We will retain our charitable status.  A proposal was passed by the meeting to change to a 2 tier S.C.I.O. and thus saving in administration and giving us all the advantages of being part of this body of organisations.   A proposal was also passed to amalgamate the Book of Deer Friends into the Book of Deer Project and membership of the Friends will transfer to membership of the S.C.I.O. in due course.

The AGMs of the Book of Deer Project and Friends of the Book of Deer were held on Saturday 27th June 2015 in the Kemp Hall, Old Deer.  Following the business our Chairman Mr Alan Cameron gave a very interesting talk on “Further Thoughts about Deer” and shared his deliberations on the peoples, their language and travels of the time of the Book of Deer.

The AGMs of the Book of Deer Project and Friends of the Book of Deer were held on Saturday 21st June 2014 in Stuartfield Hall, Stuartfield.  Dr Douglas Nicol was welcomed and the theme of his talk was “The Development of Scottish Coinage since 1136”.  Douglas gave a fascinating talk on the development of coinage through the ages.

The AGMs of the Book of Deer Project and the Friends were held in the Kemp Hall, Old Deer on Saturday 29th June,2013.  Dr David Walker gave an interesting and informative illustrated talk on:- The Development of the Country House in Banff, Buchan and Formartine from the mid Seventeenth Century to the Present Day.

The talk traced the development of the Vernacular Classical country house in Banff, Buchan and Formartine throughout the eighteenth century, reflecting on the early influence of William Adam’s masterworks at Haddo and Duff.  It continued to look at the remarkable period overshadowed by Revolution in France and wars on the Continent which produced Cairness; then follows the Greek Revival, Neoclassical and Italianate styles which predominated after the wars were over. The reasons why Classicism was ultimately superseded by more distinctly ‘British’ styles was discussed, beginning with English Tudor, and then the adoption, with increasing sophistication, of Scottish styles.   Finally Dr Walker dealt with the country house in the twentieth century – new directions cut short by the First World War, the long period of decline, and the rebirth of the country house tradition in our own times.

David is well qualified having studied Art History at St Andrews, the subject of his doctoral thesis being the  life and work of the Scottish architects Peddie & Kinnear. He worked for the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland and the Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland before being appointed as a research fellow at Warwick University, studying the career of Sir Basil Spence, the architect responsible for the design of Coventry Cathedral. He has worked on the Buildings of Scotland volumes for North and South Aberdeenshire at the University of Aberdeen since 2008.

The AGMs of the Book of Deer Project and the Friends were held in Stuartfield Hall, Stuartfield on Saturday 23rd June,2012.  Our Chairman introduced our speaker for the afternoon Revd. Sheila Kirk B.A., LL.B., B.D. and her talk on “How a lawyer looks at the Book of Deer”.   During her studies for her Law Degree, Revd. Kirk studied the Book of Deer as a legal document and its importance.  Lands were gifted by Charter under the Feudal system as early as the 11th century.  Prior to this, ownership was known but not recorded.  Lands were gifted by the King and Mormaers or Earls as they would be known now, and only certain people had the right to do so.  The gifts therefore had to be witnessed by local dignitaries worthy of so doing.  In the absence of writing paper and persons able to write, any suitable material was used hence using the margins of the Book of Deer to record gifts of lands and other legal matters. 

The AGMs of the Book of Deer Project and the Friends were held in Stuartfield Hall, Stuartfield on Friday 24th June, 2011.  There are several changes to the Committees and the new compositions are shown below.

Before launching into what proved to be a most interesting talk, Mr. Gordon Hay pointed out that his translation of the New Testament into the vernacular Doric, was derived from quite a number of previous versions-Greek, Latin and a number of those in English, and not exclusively of the Authorised Version. He also made the point that as it was the vernacular Doric of the Turriff area, there was a chance that other readers of the Doric may be unfamiliar with the terms he has used; and it could also be unfamiliar to future generations as the vernacular is a living language and forever changing.

The new management structure which emerged is:-

Patron: Jack Webster.  Hon President: George Smart.

Directors: Sandy Ritchie, George Smart, Denis McHugh, Cecilia Penny, Alan Cameron, Andrew Kellock and Derek Jennings.

Project Committee: Alan Cameron (Chairman), Denis McHugh (Vice Chairman), Andrew Kellock (Treasurer): Joyce Brown(Minute Secretary), Derek Jennings, Cllr. Albert Howie, Betty Campbell, Sandy Ritchie, Sandy Cowie, Elizabeth Pirie and Cecilia Penny.
Friends: Andrew Kellock (Convener),  Cecilia Penny (Membership Secretary), Joyce Brown (Minute Secretary), Pat Malley (Social Hostess):Betty Campbell,Elizabeth Pirie, Sandy Cowie.

The dates of Meetings were set:-

Directors Meeting: Thursday 17, November 2011

Management Meetings: Thursday 25, August 2011; Thursday 24th November 2011: Thursday 23rd February 2012 and Thursday 31st May.

AGMs 3rd or 4th week in June.

Venues and times to be advised.