Work with schools

Work is undertaken with local primary school children primarily now on our archaeological digs.  The children are invited to the dig to help with excavating the ground, they are shown artefacts from previous digs and attend talks on the subject.  This has been extended to Academy pupils too.

In the past, plays used to be produced in the schools – plays written with the Book of Deer in mind and with specially make costumes.

You will see below that Derek Jennings has been involved with this over a long period of time  – the article being written in the days of Buchan Tourism Initiative.

The Friends of the Book of Deer and Derek Jennings,Vice-Chair of the Peterhead and Buchan Tourism Initiative (Land of the Big Sky) invited children and their parents to the finale of their colouring in competition in Aden Park Theatre last Saturday. There were many entries of a very high standard, all the more creditable as the work was carried out from pages containing intricate Celtic designs and doodles inserted by the monks in the 10 th Century. After light refreshments, those children adjudged worthy received a small prize and a Commendation.

Derek Jennings then gave a DVD presentation “A Brief Tour of Buchan”, cleverly arranged as a question and answer session on the landmarks , flora and fauna of Buchan. This had a great reception from parents and children alike as they expressed delight at what they recognised and surprise and wonder at what came as a surprise to them.

The afternoon was rounded off by a hearty expression of thanks to the schools, schoolchildren, parents and Derek for taking part.

Heather Holligan, one of the many excellent entrants, displays her work.

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