Annual Pilgrimage 2008

The Pilgimage took place on the 21st of June, 2008. The Pilgrims met at Slains Church and were invited in by the Revd. Steve Emery who gave them a short history of the beautiful Church before sending them on their way with a blessing.

This stained glass window just one of the features.

Some thirty Pilgrims enjoyed the walk, culminating in hospitality and socialising in Aden Park, as can be seen in the photograph below.

Our Annual Pilgrimage takes place in June. These Pilgrimages serve two main purposes. The first is to aquaint the Pilgrims with local history and heritage; and the second is so that Pilgrims can reflect on on the life and times of the Monks of Deer. Pilgrims will walk the distances, and over the terrain that the Monks did in ancient times as the set out to convert the Picts to the Christian religion and to minister to the sick. They, however, did not have the benefits of tarred roads and high tech walking gear of today.

Past Pilgrimages:

2000 St. Drostan Aberdour to Aden Park
2001 Cancelled because of Foot and Mouth
2002 St. Machar Old Aberdeen to Aden Park
2003 St. Kane New deer to Aden Park
2004 St. Fergus St. Fergus to Aden Park
2005 St. Murdebar Tarves to Adren Park
2006 St. Olaf Cruden to Aden Park
2007 St. Mary New Pitsligo to Aden Park
2008 Slains Church to Aden Park

There are Pilgrimages planned up to the year 2010 and details will be published in good time for pilgrims to book up.