Book of Deer Project

A Search for partners

The Book of Deer Project is a vibrant community led initiative based in Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland. The Project has now assumed strategic importance in making the Book of Deer more accessible to a wider public. The Project has also stimulated intellectual debate and research into the early examples of written Gaelic.  For several years now we have also been searching archaeologically for the Monastery of Deer where the book of Deer originated.

Initially when the project was set up the dynamic combination of the Central Buchan management committee along with the advisory committee based at Aberdeen University at that time achieved:

  • The completion of a feasibility study examining local considerations, national developments and world trends in the creation of Study/Cultural/Visitor concepts.
  • The digitalisation of the text and illuminations of the Book of Deer in consultation with Cambridge University Library.
  • The creation of this WEBSITE sponsored by BT Scotland who have recognised the real potential for the project as a partnership between education, business, culture and information technology.
  • All these strands, not only indicate the importance of the existing networks, but point towards the next major development phase, which is…

A Search for Identity & Knowledge

Despite huge advances in modern means of communication the Book of Deer Project highlights the importance of returning to the written word as one of the prime sources of sophisticated communication. We therefore invite our on-line readers to enter into this lively debate with their contributions, questions and potential answers.

If you would like to be part of the Book of Deer Project, then please contact us at or on our Facebook page – Book of Deer Project or write to us at

Aberdeenshire Area Office
Nethermuir Road
Maud, Aberdeenshire.

Membership is £10 per annum and you will receive newsletters, notifications of seminars, digs, trip etc.