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A Search for a sense of place

The village of Old Deer nestles in a beautiful wooded location on a bend of the river Ugie and close to Aden Country Park. This unique spot, a gentle landscape in an otherwise exposed part of North East Scotland, was where the early Pictish Monastery of “Deir” provided a focal point of Christianity in this corner of Scotland. The early Monastery, which was in all probability, constructed with local timber and thatch, leaves no trace today. It was, however, like all Christian Monasteries of this period, a place of learning and a place of refuge. Manuscripts brought from Iona and Ireland would have been studied and copied between the 9th and 12th centuries. During the 12th century a Cistercian Monastery, whose ruins we know today as the Abbey of Deer, gradually replaced the Pictish Monastery.

A Search for the local connecticon

Many local groups and organisations have pondered over the Book of Deer. This small, but priceless manuscript has given rise to many a debate. The interest of groups and individuals is so diverse that there is no doubt the Book of Deer Project will find its rightful place in the reawakening of our Celtic Heritage. The Book gives an unique insight to the social, religious and political situation in this area almost 1000 years ago and is a good indication that Scottish Gaelic was the language used by the people. The place names of the North East also confirm this.

A Search for the community

This project has, from its onset, been community led. The whole concept of the project involves the people of the area and the businesses in the North East and beyond. The Browser will introduce you to our community along with the various attractions which lie hidden in its midst.